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Friday, November 19, 2010

Snapshot/dessert: matcha green tea and bear donuts at MR. DONUT

My favorite is still the almond pon de ring, but the bear donuts are so cute, I might have to try them eventually. Their new thing these days is the green tea matcha donuts. I also love their little giveaways that you can collect stickers to earn, but usually I can't buy enough donuts to fill up a card!

Check out my previous post for locations and more pictures!

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Anonymous said...

I just had a matcha bear donut two days ago! I got it from Mister Donut at 頂溪站 and I think it was pretty good. Toasting it in the toaster oven to warm it up a it made it super yummy! The filling is a wonderful creamy, sweet cross between whip and frosting. I do not like frosting, but the filling was good! I only wish it'd been matcha flavored

Since I very rarely get to eat donuts (this was my first donut in over a year I think), I cannot say if it was better or worse than other brands ^^;

kirbie said...

The matcha donuts look so good! And the cute bears!! I want to try everything in the display..

黃愛玲 said...

I never cared for donuts but when I first went to Taipei I thought, "Wow. These donuts look so much better than the donuts I've seen in the USofA."

I'll try out this place!

Nicholas said...

UGH I feel jipped, green tea wasn't available when I was there!

joanh said...

sparklewolfie: hmm, i don't like frosting so maybe i won't like the bear donut... i like the custard filling that comes in eclairs. thanks for sharing!

kirbie: yeah, cuteness always sells!

黃愛玲: though the donuts in the states are not as cute, they often taste better!

nicholas: haha! you will have to make a trip back!

Nilcha said...

i never like green tea donut but that bear looks sooo tempting! :)

Shiroi Neko said...

My best if KK.


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