Wednesday, May 30, 2007

my kitchen: vietnamese spring rolls and chicken tikka masala

Courtesy of Carrefour supermarket and a little elbow grease in the kitchen- my first time making Vietnamese OR Indian food. It's been hard to find Vietnamese spring rolls like this in Taipei since the place I went to seems to have gone out of business. I found it very tricky to soak the rice paper just right.. I think the water was too hot and this particular rice paper had a grid on it, which made it tear easily. But we managed to salvage a few. This package of rice paper includes the noodles too, but I probably wouldn't buy it again! I made these before I read these tips on oishiieats, but I did manage to wrap it with the shrimp facing out. I will have to try grilling the shrimp because I can practically smell the flavor from her pictures. Also, I bought some new rice paper with the rose on it the other day to try out along with the special dipping sauce. We'll see how that goes!



As for curry out of a can, you definitely have to add water and the tip on the can to add plain yogurt- I thought gave it that extra creaminess and slight sweetness that took it from average to above average, since the curry already has a slightly tangy lemon flavor already in the Tikka Masala. I stirfried the onions first a little bit and then cooked the chicken, before I added the curry and simmered it for a bit. I wish I had had bought some basmati rice or naan to go with it. I would definitely try the other varieties from Patak's Original brand if I see it again at the supermarket. I'm all about the shortcuts.


Anonymous said...

I really am glad to have discovered your blog.

Of course now all I want to do is go to Taiwan and eat!

Chubbypanda said...

Lightly dip the rice sheets in the water in a staggered bunch, then lay them onto a plate to soften. Cover with a damp paper towel. Peel each one off when you're ready to use it.

joanh said...

jozjozjoz: thanks for visiting! let me know if you ever make it out here!

chubbypanda: yup.. check check check. though I found it better to lay them in the water one by one. I think the peel from this brand was just not working right for me- they were tearing in the water, peeling it off the towel and wraptime. oh well- made some decent ones!

Lisa Wang said...

i'm very impressed with your cooking skills! people have asked me if i learned to cook any chinese food while i was there and now i really wish i had.

joanh said...

ffc: hahah. thanks! but you noticed, i used shortcuts! where would you have learned chinese cooking??


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