Wednesday, June 06, 2007

chinese: DINING ROOM

in Neo 19
No. 22, Song Shou Rd
(02) 2725-3932

website: Chinese only

hours: 11 AM - 10 PM


Visit reviewed: 4/28/2007

Trendy lounge atmosphere to eat your Shanghainese food which had surprisingly better flavors than I expected. Filled with thirty something business types or couples at tables with moody lighting, there are no baby seats and no room for loud kids, especially at dinner hour. The menu is mostly in Chinese, though there are a few pages of English with pictures of their most popular dishes.

More detailed review coming soon...


Anonymous said...

can anyone please recommend a good place to go for 'peking (beijing) duck'. i only know hotel restaurants and 2 very local traditional ones, but nothing good _and_ representative. when going out i always try to avoid hotel restaurants. but some of the local places might scare the guests away, cause of the hygiene standards. any ideas?

joanh said...

pat: Sorry, I've had bad luck w/ peking duck in Taipei too! I heard that Celestial is good- but I have never been.

readers- help us out!