Friday, October 30, 2009

dessert: i strongly recommend CREPERIE LA BRETAGNE

No. 7, Lane 38, Zhong Shan N. Road, Sec 7
Shihlin District
(02) 2874-9922



Kid friendliness: no high chairs spotted. more room in back than front. lots of desserts that kids will adore

Visit reviewed: 10/22/2009

Mmm, who can say no to crepes? After a filling lunch at Saffron and some shopping in Tianmu with some friends, one of them mentioned that we had to go to have crepes at a shop they had been to before. I thought I was full, but my dessert stomach opened up and said, yes please!

When we ended up at the cute shop, I realized I had read about Creperie La Bretagne and had it on my mental to-eat list (since it was mentioned by reader Josh on my Crepes Suzette post)! The shop was narrow, but cozy with a second floor that I didn't explore. My friends said that it was bigger than the previous location that they had been to, or maybe they had expanded?

It was hard to pick just one from all the pages of dessert crepes to choose from, and I couldn't decide! They had the basics- honey, lemon, cinnamon sugar to the more unique- handmade caramel, black cherry and condensed milk, or banana contreau and ice cream. I ended up settling on Banana Nutella. Luckily, my friends picked my second choice, Cinnamon Apples. You can also make your crepe into a set with drink for NT$180.

The crepes are made fresh to order, and by the front window, so passerbys can watch and be tempted to come inside and order their own. Creperie La Bretagne also offers main dish crepes, such as mushrooms with traditional french sauce, german sausage and cheese, french country style with ham and eggs or smoked salmon (NT$210); as well as a coffees, lattes, teas and bretagne apple cider.

A few minutes later, our crepes arrived. I was slightly surprised to see they were square rather than folded over like a triangle. But who cares if it tastes good right?

Mmm, mmm, mmm... the banana nutella crepe (NT$110) had plenty of sliced bananas and hazelnut chocolate sauce spread inside. I only wished the crepe was a tiny bit bigger. If you cut it into bite sized pieces, it would be about 12 bites.

I traded a few bites of my crepe for a taste of my friend's cinnamon apple crepe (NT$120) and it was also mmm, mmm, mmm. The soft apples were sweet, but also coated with a thick layer of cinnamon. He also ordered it with a small scoop of ice cream that I didn't try.

I could see how Creperie La Bretagne could be a popular hangout on the weekends for the Tianmu neighborhood. Thanks to my friends J and A for having a craving for crepes (and Indian food) that day so we could check it out.

If you are now craving crepes and don't live near Tianmu, don't worry- there's actually a good crepe place called Crepes Suzette tucked around the corner from McDonalds in the NYNY mall that I have yet to write up.

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brian said...

nutella is fantastic! unfortunately, i've never had a crepe before (a professionally made one at least). one of my early experiences in the kitchen was making a crepe from scratch when i was like 10 and it didn't taste very good (i ate it on it's own). haha.

Baby Madison said...

wow... so yummy. looks so much better than crepe to go in a paper wrapper. YUM!!!

joanh said...

brian: haha.. i like crepes, but sometimes they are too hard in taipei.. crispy rather than soft

baby madison: i know!

abstractpoet said...

I thought the crepes and galettes at Mamm Goz were amazing, if pricey. And run by real French folk. But I think maybe that place closed? They had great cider (the alcoholic kind) too.

feantir said...

In France, crepe are always square shape when they are in a plate.
And we always cook them at the window, because we sell it at the windows too. It looks like this "creperie" do things like french. And of course, there is no better crepe than in Bretagne! :)

did you try the salted crepe? (ham, cheese, etc, in comparaison with the sugar crepes)

joanh said...

abstractpoet: yes mamm goz closed. sadface

feantir: haha, i'm used to crepes american style, but the taste is the most important. i didn't try the salted crepe that day but later at their new location. the sugar crepes definitely better

Jérôme Charriaud said...

I have been to this place recently thanks to your recommendation. I am French and I wanted to bring my gf there then she can discover the cuisine from Bretagne.

But it was very disappointed. For sure, you'll never get the same quality than in Bretagne. But the taste was far from what I expected.

My salty and my sweet crepes were even not completly cooked. The choices of salty crepes are poor compared to the sweet ones. The dough is very strange and the ingredients were not fresh at all. Salty crepes are definitely not their speciality.

The sweet one was better though.

About the cider (it's typically the kind of drink you have with crepes): tastes very strange, no bubbles in it.

In conclusion: I can't say this restaurant is a good representation of the cuisine in Bretagne.


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