Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bakeries & Pastries in Taipei

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Get your fresh baked breads and pastries here!


at San Want Hotel
172 Chung Hsiao East Road, Sec 4
(02) 2772-2121 ext. 2126


at Carrefour, 1st FL
218-2, Lequn 3rd Rd
Dazhi district of Taipei
(02) 8502 0177

Eslite Mall, B2 Food Court
No. 11, Song Gao Road

Mitsukoshi Mall, A4 building, B2 Food Court
No. 19, SongGao Road

These places can be hit or miss.
Discover your own favorite.

at city'super
Far Eastern Hotel Mall, B1
203, Tun Hwa S Road, Sec. 2


at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall, A4
19, SongGao Road, B1


Eslite Mall (XinYi)
11, SongGao Road, B2


Taipei 101 Mall
45, ShihFu Rd., B1
(02) 8101-8268

Maybe these places had an off day when I visited? I do NOT recommend


Breeze Center, Food Court
Eslite Mall (Xin Yi), B2
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall

Someday soon to review... Where else should I try??

  • Ginjer
  • Starbucks' pastries
  • Rivon
  • Amo

    Anonymous said...

    - spring vegetarian food (buffet)
    - mary jane pizza
    - sababa pita bar
    - http://tw.lifestyle.yahoo.com/food.html?navtab=2

    Anonymous said...

    I like Wecare Bakery b/c their nice selection of loaves of bread are what I consider as European style. Various locations throughout Taipei. Their whole wheat loaf is my favorite...great for making grilled cheese sandwiches.

    Anonymous said...

    Highly recommend "Crown and Fancy."

    Great selection of unique cookies, pastries, sandwiches and bread. Carrot toast bread, and Bamboo Charcoal and Cranberry toast bread, for example. Nice selection of beautiful cakes, smoothies, coffee and tea too.

    The seating area and shop are divided by the register and beverage bar. They claim to use low salt, low sugar.

    Crown and Fancy
    Zhongxiao E Rd. Section 5 #159
    This location open 24hrs!

    DianneCS said...

    Crown and fancy is good because you can actually pre-order cakes with 30% less sugar. Wecare (Is that the one near Jason's in Taipei 101?) - if that's the one i am thinking of, they have a fab apple tart - french style with super thin apple slices. I like Mr. Mark. They provide an interesting alternative to the sweet breads that are the most common in Taipei. Most of their breads are whole grains, ryes, sesames, etc. It's pricier, but if you are health conscious, it's a nice balance to your grain intake. My personal favorite is the rye walnut red bean loaf. Yummmmy!! I am curbing my gluten intake and it brings tears to my eyes thinking about the bread... sigh...

    Lis said...


    Lis said...

    . . . California Bakery (Renai) and Salt & Bread (Dunhua / Hoping) are also good bakeries.

    Anonymous said...

    I would like to recommand you this awesome bakery called "magic garden" between chang-an/yi-tong(長安伊通)intersection! Their bread is so creative! you should definitely check it out :)

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