Thursday, April 21, 2005

Indian food in Taipei

Indian food in Taipei has often been hit or miss for me. I have a great experience at a restaurant, but a not so great experience the next time I go. So let me know if there's any solid ones out there I need to go to and what to order there (and which Indian buffet is your favorite!)

For the most recent info, please look under the Indian label to read reviews. You can also search my blog or click on the restaurant name for the review.

last updated: 3/2016

HungryinTaipei strongly recommends...

38-6, TianMu E Rd
(02) 2871-4842

No. 12 GuangFu N. Rd
(02) 2570-7265

350-5 Keelung Rd, Sec. 1 台北市基隆路一段350號之5

No. 6, Alley 10, Lane 50, Tienmu East Rd, Taipei
(02) 2873-7775

    No. 13, Lane 69, Songjiang Rd, Zhongshan District
    (02) 2508-1329


HungryinTaipei recommends...

    No. 366, Section 1, Keelung Rd, Xinyi District
    (02) 8786-9366


56-58 Nanjing E., Rd., Sec. 2, 2nd Floor
(02) 2567-7163


at Miramar Mall, B1, 22 Jing Ye 3rd Road
at Taipei 101, B1
at Qsquare, B3

If you are in the area, you can try...


6, Alley 5, Lane 70, Yanji St.

No. 10 on Lane 73, HeJiang St.
(02) 2509-9853

Hit or miss..

get the wrap to go, don't sit and order curry


at Rao He Night Market
near Song Shan train station

don't get the lunch set or samosas

No. 12, Alley 6, Lane 170, ZhongXiao E Rd, Sec 4
(02) 8773-0175

My to-do list

  • New Delhi
  • Himalaya
  • Goa
  • Out of India


Anonymous said...

delhi haat, hauz khas , new delhi

Daddy Alex said...

Tandoor-in the first alley north of Minsheng E. Rd. & He Jiang St.
It's the best Indian food in town. The place needs a little remodeling and interior design help but the Fish Tikka is too die for. Chicken Tandoor is great also along with all the naans. Raju the proprietor is also great. His daughter manages the Tandoor in City Super

maoman said...

Hindustan has the best Indian food in town, in my opinion. It's just behind the Sherwood Hotel.

joanh said...

maoman: thanks for the tip! i will have to try it soon!

daddy alex: have had mixed experiences with tandoor, though i heard they have 2 locations now.. very behind on my posts but will post about how our dinner that night was TOO spicy!

Anonymous said...

I am an indian who lived in Taipei for 5 years, before moving out last year.

Let me say, that the closest to good indian food is cooked at Ali Baba's Kitchen.

Tandoor is okay, but the owner is always out to cheat you and hence avoidable.

Aleja's food quality is very inconsistent.

All other resurants are not even Indian. They need to realise that all curries and anything that looks red, is not always Indian food.

Anonymous said...

As an native Indian (10 years resident in Taipei) I can recommend Alibaba's weekend buffet to taste a good choice of Indian food.

Tandoor Indian Restaurant, Aleja, Himalaya, Hindustan are OK for those who dont want to dine a real indian food but want to settle for something that has spices like Indian food. But please note, they are not real Indian food but food.

if you are searching for what to order when you go to any Indian restaurent then try to order this:

1 Tandori Chicken or Chicken Tikka or tandori platter
1 Butter Paneer
1 plate samosa
1 Muttan Rogan Josh
1 Biryani (this is rice with meat)
2 Garlic Naan
2 Mango Lassi to drink

Above order will give you (good for 2-3 people) a very good idea of Indian food.

Aaron said...

I don't remember the name of it, but there's an Indian food place near 師大夜市 - if I remember right, their food isn't bad, and they're right next to a Tibetan place that's fairly good. Sorry, but right now I don't remember what alley it's down. If one of my friends remembers, I'll let you know.
Enjoying your blog!

joanh said...

anonymous: yes i liked ali baba's buffet when i went and i also find aaleja inconsistent though i really like the flavors of their food.

anonymous: thanks for the recommendations for what to order to try out the "essentials" of an indian restaurant

aaron:thanks so much for reading and the recommendation!

rabbit said...

Please help. Where can i buy basmathi rice in Taipei?


joanh said...

rabbit: i think i might have seen some at Costco. Otherwise, I'd try Jason's Supermarket at 101 or CitySuper at Breeze or the other supermarket at the green Sogo.

Anonymous said...

have you been to The Indian Store. They have lot of Indian food items - Masalas, Spices, sweets, ... more than 1000 varieties.. nice store... it is in Taipei - 2/f, sec 5, chung shiao east road.

Anonymous said...

For basmathi goto Costco or you can find pakistani basmathi in Carrefour. Last option u can try Indian store...not sure about the quality though

Raghava Gudla said...

i am a south indian going first time to taipei an an official work for one year,can anyone please help me in what are the things to be brought there

Anonymous said...

The best Indian in Taipei, that I have found, is Taj Indian Restaurant. It is northern style and a little expensive but so good. They have a huge menu. They also have great naan. It is a little hard to find.

No. 12 Alley 6 Lane 170 Sect 4 Zhongxiao E. Rd.
Exit 5 @ Zhongxiao Dunhua and go around the corner to the first alley.

Faye fly said...


Anonymous said...

Aaron: The place in Shida is Masala House. It is down the alley across from the nightmarket. The naan is not great but the other food is good. They have great vegetarian options. Just down the way is a Mediterrian place I also like.

Anonymous said...

Hi, if I am in Shangri la far eastern where is the nearest indian restaurant I can visit, It's my first trip to Taiwan and am lost.

Anonymous said...

hey here is a good news for indian and thai food lovers the westin taipei have delicious indian and thai food in their buffet by their indian and thai chefs.Food is awesome as compare to other regular restaurants.Any body can go and try at the westin Nanjing E.Road....

neptune-digital said...

Cafe India in Ke Qiang Road in Tienmu is by far and away the best Indian food in Taiwan. Tell Vinnie I sent you. Call him Vinnie and he'll know who I am! :-)

Seriously - nothing comes close. It's the only Indian restaurant I go to. Naan to die for, and a chef imported from India who will cook your food (even if it is not on the menu sometimes!) just the way you like it.

Naomi said...

The Spice Shop, hands down. Cafe India is tasty too, but the Spice Shop has ambiance to go along with their amazing food.

joanh said...

roger: hey roger! I haven't been to the Indian store.. don't know if i have the patience to make it at home!

gbs: yes.. i've always been tempted to buy the basmati rice at costco, but it's so much!

raghava: ahh.. sorry, am not sure if anyone helped you?

Anonymous: i have still yet to go to Taj! Will try to check it out soon.

Faye fly: are you talking about Saffron?

Anonymous: hmm. haven't tried Masala house!

Anonymous: near the shangri la far eastern, maybe tandoor or aaleja or taj.

Anonymous: cool will have to check that out!

neptune-digital: thanks for sharing!

Naomi: I do want to try Spice Shop, but I really loved Saffron next door! My favorite Indian place in Taipei right now is Saffron.

nauti said...

Alheja - Food quality is inconsistent, but their milk tea is awesome
Contact no. - 0935783786

Out of India - Average food for average price.
Contact no. - 0916536718

Goa India Rest. - If you not looking for something fancy, this is the place to go. Food is good
Contact no. - 0955533099

Tandoor - As someone said "food is not bad but owner is ready to cheat you" and I second him. Avoid it
Contact no. - 0932317279

Some people did mention India Store in Taipei, they do have genuine India spices
Contact no. -0926270233

Do avoid weekend buffet at any India rest. Total disappointment

Keep Eating ...

Free Credit Score said...

I will give this 2 thumbs up! I am getting hungrier looking at those photos!

Anonymous said...

let me share wid you all about a new indian dhaba (first street food indian shop in shilin night market , taipei

the first nice thing is their tandoor is in open place
second they will make your food same time in front of yours and third is price is 1/3 of any indian restaurant in taiwan...

the food is really fresh and purely indian .....awesome !!

the shop name is india's love in taiwan indian street food ...check this out :)

Anonymous said...

A New Indian Store has been recently open in the Alleys of Zhong xiao e Rd Sec 5,Very close for City Hall MRT Exit 4,

Crucial Spices and varieties available and reasonable prices and with fresh Stock,

Yongji Road lane 30,Alley 157,No18. Fl 1.
Contact Number :
0975 775 265, 02-27568265

Ken said...

Masala House is horrible (not going back)

Out of India's food is ok, but the service is bad (good for cheap lunch - chicken masala for NT100 )

Indian Palace is good (tried the one at 101) - butter chicken is yummy

Saffron is excellent (but far away in Tianmu and expensive)

imho, Joan's reviews are right on the mark

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanh,

I am an Indian and will be travelling to Taipei soon and will be staying near Da'an station. Could you please suggest a good Indian restaurant nearby?

Thank you in advance.


joanh said...

ashok: hi! sorry if this answer is too late for you. I'd give Mayur Indian Kitchen a try (near MRT: Taipei City Hall). That is probably your best bet for now, since I don't know any close to the DaAn MRT station

PRAMOD KM said...

There is a new Indian restaurant on Heping rd - close to NTUE - Fusion Asia - its a little pricey but excellent food. Lunch set is pretty good during weekdays

PRAMOD KM said...

There is a new Indian restaurant on Heping rd close to NTUE - Fusion Asia. A little pricey but worth the money - excellent food. The lunch set is pretty good and the ambience/service is good

Unknown said...

Hi hungry,
I am big fan of Saffron Indian cuisine and spice shop too but it's too far and expensive for frequent visit for me. I would like to suggest you Mayur's Indian food in Taipei as I've been eating Mayur's cuisine since they were at ShiLin night Market, years ago. Now, The small dhaba has changed into Fine Indian cuisine with 3 locations in Taipei and they have one in Delhi also,I make sure to visit Mayur Indian Kitchen whenever I feels like to have home style Indian cuisine at best price. The food, no matter what ever I ordered until now, is always the best, freshest and tastiest,I have ever come across. I traveled through India for three weeks a few years ago and I dare to say that Mayur's Indian food in Taipei not only reminds me of different parts of my trip, but actually tastes as good or better at times.A must try to their Xinsheng north rd. location for regional Indian cuisine, a bit expensive then Keelung road location but it's worthy! I am quite surprised with their quick expansion too! hope you will like it :)

Unknown said...

Highly recommend Mayur Indian Kitchen 4 at Tonghua street for cleanliness, authentic food and reasonable price, I am carving for Tandoori Chicken and Dosa now

Anonymous said...

Me and my boyfriend love the other and indian restaurant near technology building, they butter chicken is still our favourite, because it's made in a diferent way that go us hooked on it hahahah , you should definitely give it a try

Jaish Indian Restaurant said...

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Hungry Indian said...

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