Saturday, April 23, 2005

Brunch/breakfast in Taipei

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Spend your lazy Sunday afternoon here

VVG TABLE 14, Lane 40, Alley 181, ZhongXiao East Road (02) 2775-5120 $$ avail only weekends JOYCE CAFE No. 22, Ching Cheng St (02) 2713-8362 $$$ avail everyday- afternoon tea

You could also try...

NY BAGEL CAFE No. 122, Xin Yi Rd, Sec. 5 Taipei 110 (02) 2723-7977 also on Ren Ai Road $-$$ avail weekends, M-F before 11AM and late night CAFE at Grand Hyatt Hotel No.2, Sung Shou Road, 1FL Taipei, Taiwan (02) 2720 1234 $$$ everyday Breakfast 6:30am - 10:30am MISTER DONUT -Breeze Center -NYNY Mall in Xin Yi district -across from the Takashimaya Mall -Taipei Main Station underground -and other locations $

On my to do list

  • Jake's Country Cafe
  • Citizen Cain
  • United Hotel breakfast buffet
  • McDonalds
  • Carnegie's
  • Amaroni's
  • Dan Ryan's

    Daddy Alex said...

    VVG & VVG Table both have great brunches on the weekend. Service is very French on purpose. Which means the food comes out slow.

    Carnegies has a brunch but it's definitely quantity (huge! servings) and price (very affordable)that they are going after. quality and service are only so-so.

    Anonymous said...

    You Should also try LA Cafe in the back of Warners... they serve really great breakfast =D

    joanh said...

    daddy alex: i've heard that about Carnegies! I will have to try it sometime

    anonymous: really? what do you like?? :) i went to LA Cafe around the time they first opened (for dinner) and wasn't that impressed.

    Polks said...

    Carnegies - I only know that they're famous for over-aged expats hitting on local women. It's kind of like Wanchai in Hong Kong.

    Anonymous said...

    I thought Carnegies only open at night. I went for brunch yesterday, and it really surprised me. Egg Benedict is quite good with good price, but they don't have high chair for kids. It makes sense. Who would expect kids go clubbing!!

    Anonymous said...

    Try "Woolloomoolo"- I reckon it's like I'm having brunch in Melbourne (for atmosphere and taste). It's only open Fri, Sat, Sun, and is tucked away at 95 Fu Jin Street, last street to the right off Tun Hua North Road, before the airport.
    Simple menu (eggs benedict, pancakes, etc.) and great coffee.

    DianneCS said...

    You really need to try the Diner (behind Culture University on Her Ping and Jien Guo). It's packed on Sundays for prime brunch hours and you usually have to wait at least 20 minutes. They opened up another storefront across the alley and the waitresses walk back and forth with covers over the plates of food. It's an eclectic crowd and it reminds me of local diners back home in Cali. That's probably why I like it the most. Their pastrami sandwich isn't too bad, either.

    Grandma Nitti's is also another obvious place that people first hear about when they get to Taipei. Whether or not you think the food is good or so-so, it's a good selection of food, the staff is nice, AND there's a flea market outside every Sunday 4-10. I know this is a shameless plug, but I do volunteer work for an organization that helps stray animals (called Animals Taiwan) and this flea market is one of our major fund raisers. So, spend a late Sunday at Grandma Nitti's and come peruse our flea market; everything is really affordably priced!

    joanh said...

    virgomac: i still want to try carnegie's brunch...

    dianne: yup!! i've been to the diner.. it's really good.. sorry, haven't updated all my category pictures/info yet.. but it's searchable under the labels.

    Free Credit Score said...

    Awww! It's evening here now in Los Angeles but I am drooling looking at these breakfast pictures! I had Mister Donuts in Taipei and we stood in line for 1 hour!