Tuesday, April 05, 2005

a hungry girl's guide to taipei- restaurant index

here is my working list of Taipei restaurant/eatery reviews or reviews-in-progress as of 3/2017 (600+ restaurants reviewed & to review!).
I will try and keep it updated with links (when i have time, sorry!) so you can read the review directly, otherwise, you can search for the name at the search box above, or by labels on the right.

a hungry girl's guide to taipei- INDEX

a/o march 2017

25 Private Kitchen
79 Gelato at Tong Hua night market- CLOSED
8% Ice
A-Cut at Ambassador Hotel
Akasaka Ramen
Alibaba's -weekend buffet
Ao Ba
Au Jardin  -CLOSED
Aunt Stella's Cafe
Baffi Italian Trattoria
Bake It Yourself -CLOSED 2016
Bakery 49- CLOSED 2015
Bakery 49 at A8 Mitsukoshi- CLOSED 2015
Balle Balle 印度餐廳
Bamboo Village
B/A/N/N/C/H/A/N- CLOSED 2014
Barrito- CLOSED
Bel Air Bar and Grill at Grand Hyatt
Belgian Beer Cafe- CLOSED
Belle Fusion -CLOSED
Binge Hotpot- CLOSED
Black as Chocolate
Black as Chocolate World
boite de bijou
Botega del Vin
Bread Societe- CLOSED 2015
Breeze at Taipei Main Station
Brookhurst Caliphonia -CLOSED
Brookhurst Seafood 
Burger and Co.
Burger Fix - CLOSED
The Burger Stop - CLOSED
Butaichi Ramen
Butcher's Kitchen
Cafe at Far Eastern Shangri La
Cafe Ballet- Baby Kitchen
Cafe de Riz
Canoviano - CLOSED
Cantonese at Brother Hotel
Casa Della Pasta
C'est La Vie
Cheers at Hyatt Taipei
Chingyeh Shinleyuan 青葉新樂園-華山店
Citizen Cain - CLOSED
Cocina de Jackie
Cubanos - CLOSED
Curry and Tea -CLOSED
D&C Bistro
Dan Ryan's -MOVED
Danny and Company
Danny's What's Green
Danny's What's Grill
Dan Zi Kitchen
Dazzle Curry Indian
Dazzling Cafe - Sunshine -CLOSED
Dazzling Shabu Shabu -CLOSED
Dean and Deluca at Breeze Center -CLOSED
Dearlicious- CLOSED 2014
Diary Bistro
Din Tai Fung at 101
Dining Room -CLOSED
DN Innovacion- CLOSED 2014
Don Kitchen
Dos Chinos - CLOSED
Double Rainbow at Fuxing Sogo
Dressed -CLOSED
Drip Cafe
Duncan Donuts _CLOSED
East at Victoria Hotel
Eat Together @ QSquare
Eddy's Cantina - Danshui - CLOSED
El Gallo -CLOSED
El Toro - CLOSED
Elite Bakery at Bellavita -CLOSED
Evan's Burger -CLOSED
Famous Larry's NY Pizza - CLOSED
Fab Cafe
Fat Angelo's -CLOSED
Fifteen Pizzeria Napoletana at GuangFu 
Fire bite -CLOSED
Flavors -MOVED 2016 now Flavors Meatball Bistro
Fleisch 福來許咖啡館
Florida Bakery
Flower No. 5
Forchetta- CLOSED 2014
Fresh Greens
Fruitful Food Vegetarian Buffet 果然匯
Fu Diner -CLOSED
Fu-Sheng Japanese Seafood
Fu Yuan
GG Korean Restaurant
G Woo
Gaucho Grill
Ginger Cakes -CLOSED
Gogi Gogi
Good Cho
Gordon Borsch
Green Room
the Guest House at Sheraton Taipei Hotel
Guy's Café -CLOSED
Ha Lu Ban Korea Restaurant
Hai Di Lao Hotpot
Haleakala at Bellavita
Hanabi Tapas
Hestia Tapas
Hielo- CLOSED 2014
Hito BBQ
Hogan Bakery
Hoshina Udon 穗科
Hotel Royal Taipei macadamia nougats
Howard Plaza Hotel
I-Sushi -CLOSED!
Indochine at Dun Hua Eslite Food Court
Jack's Sandwiches
JB Burger - CLOSED
Jika Udon- CLOSED
Jiu Ru at 101 -CLOSED
JJ Private Kitchen 
Journey Kaffe
Joy's Creperie -CLOSED
Justin's Signatures
K2 Gelato-CLOSED
Kanpai Kurogeya
KGB Burgers
Khana Khazana
Kiko's Diner -CLOSED
Kitchen Kamakura- CLOSED/MOVED
Kitcho Sushi
Krispy Kreme
Kura Sushi
L'Occitane Cafe
La Casita -CLOSED
La Cocette
La Creperie 
Laduree -CLOSED
La Famiglia
Lalos Bakery at 101
La Mesa
La Trattoria Grazie
Le Gout
Le Kief
Les Bebes Cafe -CLOSED
Le Palais
L'Idiot -Reopened in new location a/o 2015
L'Idiot brunch -Reopened in new location a/o 2015
Li's Imperial Cuisine
Little Mermaid Bakery
Little NY Pizza
LMNT Restaurant - CLOSED
Lobster Bar -MOVED, reopened at Commune A7
Longtable -CLOSED 2016
Louise by Aunt Stella's -CLOSED
Love At First Bite
Love Lovely -CLOSED 2015
Lucky Ribs
Lugar Home Bread Bar
Ma Shan Tang (Mazendo)
Macaroni Grill - CLOSED
Macho Tacos- Shida
Macho Tacos - Yanji St
Mamm Goz- CLOSED
Man Zi Dieh 2
Man Zi Dieh 3
Mango Cha Cha
Market Cafe
Maryjane Pizza
Ma Sheng Mala 麻辣火鍋
Matsubishi Teppanyaki -CLOSED 2016
Mayan Grill -CLOSED 2014
Mei Kung Thai and Vietnamese Restaurant
Menya Musashi Ramen 麵屋武藏虎洞
Mia Cafe
Mia Cucina
Micas Dolci -CLOSED
Mighty Quinn's BBQ
Mini One at Xinyi Mitsukoshi
Miss Green
Mom's Pies
Moon Sushi Bar 月酒居
Morita Cafe
Morton's Steakhouse
Mucho Restaurant
Mr. J French Italian Restaurant - CLOSED
My Humble House at Le Meridien
No. 168 Prime Steakhouse at Victoria Hotel
No Fish No Life
NOLA Kitchen
NOLA Kitchen ATT4Fun
Nonzero- CLOSED 2014
Nonzero reopened 
OA+ Private Kitchen
Omelete to Go
Oola Mexican Grill - CLOSED
Oops Kitchen
Opa Greek Taverna
Osteria by Angie
Osteria by Angie Dazhi
Outback Steakhouse
Ovenmaru Korean Chicken 烤頂鷄
Oyster Bar at Bellavita
Oyster Omelette at XinYi Eslite Foodcourt
Pho Hoa
Piazza -CLOSED
Pin Tian Tonkatsu
Pizza Denise -CLOSED
Planet Popcorn
Popeye at Maji Square
Rama Thai at ATT4Fun
Really Good Seafood
Richard Blanc Boulangerie & Patisserie
Romankan Yokohama Katsu sandwiches at Breeze Center - CLOSED :(
Room 18 Cafe -CLOSED
Room For Dessert
Salad King -CLOSED
Salsa Bistro
Sam Won Garden Korean BBQ House
Santouka Ramen
San Yuan Chinese Cuisine at ATT4Fun- CLOSED
Season at Dunhua
Sen Sushi
Senju Sushi -CLOSED
September Cafe
Shanghai Court
Shanghai Shanghai at Agora Gardens - CLOSED
Shanghai Tea Bistro
Shao Shao Ke
Shuan Lian Yuan Zi Tang
Siam More
Si Zhi Tang
Sister Wei Heart Tapioca 魏姐包心粉圓
Solo Pasta
Solo Trattoria
Song Chu
Specchio- CLOSED
Spice Market buffet at Eslite Mall, Xinyi
States Fries -CLOSED
Sugar Cafe
Sugar Pea
Superbaked Cupcakes- CLOSED
Sushi Express
Sweet Dynasty -MOVED
Sweet Tooth -CLOSED
Taco2Go - CLOSED 2014
Tahitian Noni - CLOSED
Tai Juan Sushi - CLOSED
Tartine Bakery -CLOSED
Tempura Yamami
Tequila Sunrise
Texas Roadhouse
Thanh Ky
Three Lions
Tian Cai
Tim Ho Wan 
Tim & Mel's Bistro & Patisserie- CLOSED
Toasteria-CLOSED, new location on Yong Kang 2017
Toasteria 3
Tokyo Curry
Tofu Village
Ton 28
Ton Sushi - CLOSED
Tony Roma's - CLOSED
Tori Sho
Toscana- weekend brunch
Totto Ramen
Trader Vics - CLOSED
Tresors de La Mer 煮海 
TSC Restaurant
Tsui Jian Bao at Xin Yi Road and Yan Ji Street
Tutto Bello
Twelve Cupcakes
Ueshima Coffee Lounge
Uncles Taiwan
VVG Bistro aka Hao Yang
Whinos, Too
Wooloomooloo -XinYi
World Trade Center Club
Yen at W Taipei
Yii Ho Tang
Yi Yuan Chinese at the Sherwood Hotel
Yi Yuan Pekingnese Restaurant at Westin Taipei Hotel
Yo Sushi
Yogudo -CLOSED
Yogurt Art
Yogurt Me - CLOSED
Yong He Dou Jiang on Guang Fu
Yong He Dou Jiang Da Wang on Fuxing
Yong Kang Ko - CLOSED
Your Kitchen
Yu Dao Sheng 魚道生 
Yu's Almond Tofu
Yun Sushi
Zi Yuan



Hsinchu- Mountain View Resort
Keelung Night Market
Yilan- Bulau Bulau Aboriginal Village
Yilan- Silks Place Hotel

Aulani Disney Hotel, Ko Olina, Hawaii
Fofo, Hong Kong
Honolulu, Hawaii
Singapore, part ii

Big Tomy's
Campanile - CLOSED
Connie & Ted's
Gloria's Cafe
Hart & the Hunter
Novel Cafe
Seong Buk Dong
Seoul Sausage
Tender Greens
Trois Mec
Tsujita Ramen



Anonymous said...

This is great! I will look this up before eating anywhere new to have an idea of what I may encounter. Hey, have you tried Ponderosa?

joanh said...

anonymous: no.. i haven't tried Ponderosa.. what kind of food is it?

Anonymous said...

Wow, An excellent food site. I will definitely recommend visitors to Taipei to view your site prior to their trips.

Anonymous said...

wow now thats a lovely hidden gems here ! while asking Mister Google, if he can tell me anything about WESTERN BREAKFAST IN TAIPEI, I was guided to this wonderful website.
with the plethora of information given here, I doubt I will have to buy any other travel guide ^_^

I actually like Asian food a lot (as a European living in Asia, that would be a sad living here otherwise, but even after 4 years I am unable to make any compromises when it comes to a decent MORNING COFFEE (the real thing, not the Nescafe-rubbish).

will have to print out a lot of pages from here me thinks, and who knows, maybe will skip the usual sights in TPE and instead go on a culinary spree (and smash the scale at my home in Bangkok before leaving, so to avoid the truth after returning).

thanks for the great work !

WOLFinASIA, Bangkok

joanh said...

ajeet: thanks so much
wolfinAsia: thanks! one of the most popular western breakfast in taipei is probably the Diner, you should give it a try the next time you visit