Thursday, October 26, 2006

CLOSED/chinese: JIU RU 101

at 101 Mall, 4 FL
No.45, Shih Fu Rd.,
(02) 8101-8598

date visited: 9/25/2006


If you're sightseeing in the Xin Yi district or shopping in the 101 mall and need an easy place to eat Chinese food with your family, but don't want to eat food court food, a good bet is Jiu Ru. Featuring a varied menu of Shanghainese food, my favorites from my dinner with my friend's family were the braised pork, steamed dumplings (xiao long bao), vegetable dumplings and zhong zi (rice dumpling). It's definitely pricier than you would pay at a local restaurant for the same dishes, maybe double the price for a basket of xiao long bao, but you are paying for the comfort of dining in the real estate of 101 and the prices are about the same as the other restaurants on the same floor (and the food a lot better, at least better than neighbor Diamond Tony's). We had quite a large group and was easily accomodated in their large space and didn't feel crowded or rushed. I think their dumplings were not as juicy as the xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung, but to the average diner, it will do just fine. Very clean and modern setting, with tourist friendly menu and location.


Breeze Center
(02) 6606-6859

No. 69, Ren Ai Road, Sec 4
(02) 2751-7666


abstract said...

hungry girl, thanks for your comment on my now defunct blog (from when i was teaching in the states). i have heard of that documentary, but haven't seen it yet. wayne wang's "chan is missing" is fantastic, though.

have you tried the xiao long bao place that's a couple shops down from din tai fung on yongkang street? i can never remember what it's called, but it's right next to kao ji. everything on the menu is about two thirds the price of din tai fung, and there's no line, no hassle. the xiao long bao aren't as pretty as din tai fung's, but are just about as tasty. they make a good fried rice and good tofu soup with rice vermicelli, too. if you don't mind the very casual ambience, it's a lot less trouble than its more famous neighbor.

joanh said...

hey abstract- you should watch it if you get a chance, though it's probably tough to find here.. do you teach asian am lit?

i am not sure if i have tried that place without the name, but i know there is a really good xiao long bao place near that din tai fung that is 2 stories? i think there are a ton of places that make just as tasty and cheaper xiao long bao, but if you want to take visiting friends, it's more touristy fun to take them to din tai fung.

Chubbypanda said...

Hey Joan,

I love xiao long bao. It's one of those items, like bahn mi, that I like to try wherever I go.

*sigh* I miss Taiwan.

- Chubbypanda

abstract said...

hungry girl, i'm an english teacher by trade, and yes i did teach a few semesters worth of asian american lit back in the states. to mostly white kids. but it was a good time.


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