Tuesday, October 24, 2006

revisited/japanese: i strongly recommend SUMIE

4th Floor, 172 Chung Hsiao East Road, Sec 4
(In San Want Hotel)
(02) 2781-6909


date revisited: 10/11/2006

I felt bad that my pictures from my initial review of Sumie doesn't do their food justice, so I tried taking some better ones from my last visit there. But unfortunately, I deleted a lot of them because I thought I had downloaded them to my computer already and I didn't. Boo hoo. So here are the few and I promise to bring you more. I usually always get the set menu (unless I'm not hungry and then you should try and split the set menu with someone else)- which is constantly changing, but usually includes (and not in this order) the steak or lamb chops, sashimi, an appetizer, a salad, a seafood dish (for which I like to request the strange sounding but delicious tasting fish jaw), a soup, sushi and dessert.

This crab and edamame over fig was almost like a mini-sculpture plated on top of a giant leaf. I've never had fig before, but I'm glad I tried it- it was sweet and soft, and almost sexy.

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE the lamb chops at Sumie. They are tender, juicy, perfectly flavored and is a must for anyone who has yet to eat lamb or likes lamb chops, although once you've had their lamb chops I don't know how you could eat it anywhere else. It's so satisfying to gnaw on, in the most ladylike way I can, thoughtfully wrapped with aluminum foil to keep the messy to a minimum.

Next time, pics of the sashimi and other artfully arranged dishes.. I promise I won't delete them from my camera until I post them! I still look forward to going to Sumie everytime we feel like nice, sit-down Japanese food, especially in comparison to the food from other nice, sit-down (translation: pricier) Japanese restaurants I've tried since.

Read my previous review from August 14th, 2005.


Chubbypanda said...

Those lamb chops look delish. I imagine it would be hard to get anything like them here in OC, although I can think of at least one place in NorCal that might serve something similar.

joanh said...

chubbypanda: yeah I've never had lamb chops like these anywhere else.. if I do in Cali, I'll let you know!

Urban Epicurean said...

awww...they're so cute you can just eat them up! oh wait, you already did.