Tuesday, October 31, 2006

chinese: i strongly recommend JIU RU at Ren Ai

69 Jen Ai Rd., Sec. 4
(02) 2751-7666

hours: 8am to 10pm

kid friendliness: no high chairs, quite crowded for strollers especially during rush hours


date visited: 10/31/2006

wonton or "ravioli" soup

cold sesame noodles

zong zhi or rice dumpling

stir fried rice noodles

sesame and peanut balls

Mmmmmm at very affordable prices. Tiny location, but good food. Apparently, this branch is part of the Jiu Ru chain that has locations at 101 and Breeze.. but this location has homestyle wonton (or as they say on the menu "ravioli" soup and sesame balls at prices you will never find at the fancy mall locations. You can even buy freshly made wontons to-go to prepare at home yourself. The menu has English and Chinese though no pictures, and the set menu deal is only in Chinese.

You can pick up your own side dishes at the front and I passed by the lady making wontons with handiwork that was faster than my eye could catch. The wontons are made with either meat/vegetable or shrimp, and you can order them with or without noodles. Also available are cold noodles with sesame sauce or dan dan noodles which are very plain.

The dessert has boiled mochi balls filled with your choice of black sesame, peanut or red bean. It's plenty to share with five balls, or you can enjoy it all by yourself.


Taipei 101 Mall, 4th FL
No. 45, Shih Fu Road
(02) 8101-8598

Breeze Center
(02) 6606-6859

No. 68, Tien Mu East Road, 7th FL
Tien Mu, Taipei
(02) 2874-3675

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Chubbypanda said...

I miss my grandmother's zhong zi.

- Chubbypanda