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Friday, October 27, 2006

thai/take-out: THAI TOWN

49 Jen Ai Road, Sec 2
(02) 2351-0960


date reviewed: 10/27/2006

Thai fried rice noodle NT$250 (#8 of top 10) or pad thai

fried greens with shrimp paste NT$180 (#3 of top 10)

Thai fried rice noodle NT$250 and pineapple rice NT$350

moon shrimp pancake NT$300 (#1 of top 10)

Even though we did take-out, I was tempted to stay at the restaurant with its clean modern interior and friendly service. I was pleasantly surprised at the detail of the packing of the to-go order- little bags to separate the nuts/dried pork/sauces so they wouldn't soggy- a cardboard box like the kind for pizzas for the shrimp cakes. Overall, the food was decent, though the Thai fried rice noodle was my least favorite dish of the bunch and my favorite was the Curry Chicken NT$280 (#4 of top 10). Maybe because I forgot to add the peanuts and chilis that were packaged so carefully away.

The menus had both English and Chinese and lots of pictures, as well as a to-go menu with their top 10 dishes and set menus (in Chinese) for 3-6 people at NT$399/person, as well as a free soda with every NT$399 spent. For a chain, the prices seem slightly higher than I would pay for take-out in the states, but about average for Thai I've had in Taipei. Do all Thai ice teas cost NT$90 (or US$3) these days?? Their drinks do, and they have quite a few desserts with coconut milk with fruit, black sticky rice, tapioca or taro served with cold with crushed ice or hot, to choose from to for NT$85 each.

Other locations:

133 Anhe Road, Sec 2
(02) 2735-9638

9 Sueng Shou Road
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, A9, 7th FL
Xin Yi District
(02) 2723-9987

116 Tien Mu West Road
Tien Mu District
(02) 2826-4852

68 Tien Mu East Road
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Building A, 7th FL
(02) 2873-6680

22 Jingye 3rd Road, 2nd FL
(02) 2175-3355

165 Chen Gong Road, Sec 3
(02) 2791-9608

Other locations outside of Taipei

65 Wen Hua Road, Sec 1
(02) 8965-1155

659 Chung Cheng Road
(02) 8231-1257

122 Zhong Shan Road, Sec 1
(02) 7731-7778

95 Jengyi North Road
(02) 2989-8088

111 Taichung Port Road, Sec 2
(04) 2252-1733

(now other businesses- is it THAT hard to print English addresses on your business cards, and for your other locations? If Thai Town can do it, so can you!)


Chubbypanda said...

I love Thai food. I just started exploring the really authentic stuff, but so far it's been hit or miss with the restaurants.

- Chubbypanda

Daddy Alex said...

yup, thai ice tea is at least $80-100 everywhere. I've seen some at 120-150 which is ridiculous cuz nothing is refillable in asia. The funny thing is we went to Thailand a couple of years back and I ordered Thai Iced Tea and the lady looked at me dumbfounded?!? Apparently it's just called ice tea there!!! :)

Hubert said...

Thanks for listing all the different addresses of Thai Town locations. I felt that Thai Town maintained a certain standards; all of the dishes we had were good, but for avg. dish price of $270-$290 I would rather just eat Chinese / Taiwanese. The chicken curry, while fresh and well-flavored, wasn't extraordinary, nothing I couldn't find in San Francisco or Berkeley, nor was the fried rice noodle particularly noteworthy. And yes, the drinks are expensive by American standsrds. I'd be curious to read about other Thai places.

That said, I might be in the minority position because the place was rather filled up, even around 9pm.

The chain also runs a Hunan restaurant I think, and I'd be curious to see what that tasted like, though I don't like super spicy food.