Thursday, March 06, 2008

japanese: i don't recommend YABU SOBA

106 Nanjing E Rd, Sec 1

hours: 11am to 2:30pm


Kid friendliness: no high chairs. lots of booth seating.

Visit reviewed: 11/28/2007

After some bleary eyed typing, copying and pasting, I created an index page for all the restaurants reviews so you can look up a restaurant by name and I'll try my best to keep it updated as new reviews come along.

Very friendly service in a casual, old school Japanese restaurant, though the food was very disappointing. The soba was soggy instead of chewy, the tempura and agedashi tofu were not served crispy hot, and the oyakodon had strangely too much corn starch in it. It was one of those cases where we were hungry, wandered in, finished the food because we were hungry and got out of there. I guess you could forgive the kitchen if one thing is off, but if everything we were served was not good, then I have give it a "don't recommend." I've eaten better soba from boiling it from a package at home.

This Taipei Times article says that dinner seems to be the izakaya small dishes are the way to go. Maybe some of you who have happened to eat here can let me know if you agree or disagree. Menu was with pictures in Japanese and Chinese with some items written in Japanese on the walls.


Jean said...

that picture of the oyakodon looks pretty terrifying.

joanh said...

jean: hahhaah. yeah.. it looks like an oyster omelette, doesn't it?