Thursday, March 20, 2008

mall food/foodcourt: i recommend KOREAN at FUXING SOGO

green Fuxing Sogo, B2 FL
No.300, Zhong Xiao E. Rd., Sec. 3


Visit reviewed: 2/14/2008

One flaw in a lot of the Korean restaurants here is Taipei that there is not enough side dishes, or banchan, like we are used to in LA or Korea, where it can almost cover the table before your meal comes. But, if you are willing to head to the foodcourt of the various malls, especially if you just want a quick and cheap bite to eat, they offer up a lot more choices.

At this Korean foodcourt place at Fuxing Sogo (which I believe also has a branch at 101 Mall foodcourt), if you choose the bim bim bap (NT$150), you can choose 3 sides to go ontop of your rice, egg and beef. (But if you pick the stone bowl, you have to go with the preset kimchee/offerings), or you can pick three alacarte for NT$80 to go with your meal.

Personally, I really like the jap chae (or rice noodles), tempura and cucumber slices. I guess all three are slightly sweet and the tempura is slightly spicy and the cucumber adds the vinegar, pickled flavor to the mix. I also like their potato offerings- potato salad or slightly spicy and sweet potato chunks, or soybean sprouts. They have spicy and non-spicy offerings as well as a lot of vegetarian options.

There's no English available, but they have their menu offerings (such as little hot pots or seafood pancake) shown in the case to the side as well as all the offerings in trays on the counter for you to point to. The foodcourt can get crowded during peak hours, but otherwise it's one of the nicer and newer food courts.


Anonymous said...

wow that really does not look korean. but i guess if it is good, authenticity doesn't matter as much.

joanh said...

i think it's because i picked out my own vegetables instead of it having the traditional kimchee, soybeans etc