Friday, June 15, 2007

my kitchen: goat cheese avocado sandwich

I love my sandwich maker. It sears and toasts the bread so it tastes like I had baked it in the oven for hours. Today I made a goat cheese (Costco), Haas avocado (Costco), tomato, ham (Costco) sandwich. It's like grilled cheese with a twist. And it's not easy to find good sandwiches in Taipei- it's usually easier to make your own.

Nothing beats comfort food on a rainy day.


fashionfoodculture-life said...

i totally need to buy a sanwich maker, that looks yummy! now i want to try to make a goat cheese/honey/nut sandwich like that crepe.

joanh said...

hahah! that's why i bought the goat cheese in the first place.. but it goes bad quickly. my goat cheese honey nut sandwich was pretty good though! (but no pics)

generic viagra said...

This sandwich looks delicious. There is nothing better than baked bread, and the combination of cheese and avocado is perfect.


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