Monday, June 11, 2007

where is everyone (from) ?

It's been lonely the last few days, with no feedback from anyone. I'm slowly catching up, but I have a ton of more posts and places to write up. By request, I've also added a "kid friendliness" comment section to posts, which will eventually be updated throughout the older posts to the best of my knowledge!

I'm curious about you guys though- it's so interesting to be getting hits from all over the world. I'd love to throw out a few questions to you guys, answer the ones you want.

(1) where are you from?
(2) how'd you find me?
(3) because of the pictures or the restaurant info?
(4) if you could only eat at one restaurant in your city for the rest of your life one week, what would it be?
(5) what restaurant should we stay away from with a ten foot pole and all our relatives if we're ever in your area?
(6) must eat food and restaurant when you are in Taipei? and if you've never been, which restaurant looks most tempting to you that you've read about?
(7) if you are in taipei, what do you most miss when you are here?
(8) team stinky tofu or team oyster egg omelette?
(9) where can I find good enchiladas in Taipei??????
*new (10) upload sooner more often with just pictures or wait until I write everything up?

let the jeopardy music begin. Can't wait to hear from y'all!

PS- Saw OCEAN's THIRTEEN over the weekend. I thought it was a really fun, stylish ride- much better than 12. But I have to say, I probably was the only person laughing out loud at the Oprah scene... me and some other random girl a few rows behind me. Sometimes I miss watching films in LA!


Anonymous said...

1) Im from Singapore
2) I googled
3) because I missed taipei, I need a holiday, and I wanted to read how life was like in taipei at the moment
4) Havent met sucha phenomenal restaurant over here, but there are a few I visit pretty often
5) I only remember the good ones, never the bad.
6) Shin yeh was pretty good. Wasabi as well. you reviewed a few that looked pretty good, will try when i pop by taipei
7) i miss the food and the cafes
8) stinky tofu believe it or not.
9) i have no idea what enchiladas are

anw, ocean's 13 was way better indeed. and the response during the oprah scene was better over here.
there ya go, answered them all.
i dig your posts so keep them comin!

Anonymous said...

1. I'm from London.
2. Dunno. Don't remember, sorry!
3. Pictures - they make me hungry.

That's about it! :)

Love your photos!

Robyn said...

(1) NYC/New Jersey
(2) probably by googling for food blogs in Taipei? :)
(3) both
(4) That's too hard! Wah!
(5) chain restaurants!

joanh said...

joanna: I guess you're right, I've never really seen Mexican restaurants in Singapore either, but wow- you've never had an enchilada?

su-lin: London, cool! thanks!

robyn: I enjoy your food blog, lemme know if you're ever in Taipei or LA.

Rose said...

1. Originally New York, but living in Taipei (for the 4 time)

2. Mei from

3. restaurant info

4. i would die from hunger cuz i can't just eat at one restaurant

5. Ollie's (locations around NY)

6. Congyoubing (scallion pancakes) and oyster noodle soup (oamishua in taiwanese)

7. a good new york bagel with fresh lox, cream cheese and red onions

8. stinky tofu all the way

9. i truly believe there isn't a decent mexican joint in this town. go to HK

10. reviews with pictures are a must, but you can also write shorter reviews if time is an issue for you

Ron Wu said...

1) born and raised here in TPE, spent last 30+ years in San Jose, CA. I am back for family reasons.
2) Bloggers in Taiwan -
3) both
4) "sit fun" in yun kang jia -
(let me know if you need translation for their menu)
6)beef noodle soup
7)Dungeness crab, you have no idea how much I miss that tasty crustaceans. I see them in super market here but way too $$$$
8) I must go with oyster egg omelette
9) still searching for
10) after full text

Anonymous said...

1. i am from germany and working here currently
2. i think i saw a link on in their food/restaurant section
3. both :-)
4. would be a hrad choice between italian or thai. but probably italian since i love pasta!

6. Jolly Thai restaurant, Ruth Chris' Steakhouse (Lawry's also not bad, but a bit too formal, Ruth's feels more comfy), Sunlit Teppanyaki is also OK (next to Ruth Chris)
7. my friends at home
8. i dont know what oyster omlette really is, but stinky tofu is just too.. stinky i guess

Rachel said...

1. Michigan, U.S., but currently live in Taipei
2. Don't remember! Forumosa? Google?
4. Wasabi---in the Taipei 101
5. My Home Steak in Tainan...terrible!
6. Din Tai Fung; Shihlin Night Market (okay, it's not a restaurant...but lots of good food!)
7. COTTAGE CHEESE! (I'm not willing to pay $120 for a small cup)
8. Neither.
9. I always make my own enchiladas. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

(1) Bay Area but I attend school in SoCal
(2) clicking around, I read food blogs and was really excited to find one focused on Taiwan
(3) Look up =D
(4) Le Diplomate, a sandwich place near my school. I like the Chicken Eggplant sandwich A LOT.
(5) Any Chinese restaurant that's next to the expressway
(6) I love Lien Wu (fruit) but no one ever knows what I'm talking about and there are no pictures of it online and I don't think there's an English name. My favorite restaurant has to be any sushi place OR DinTaiFung for the xiao long bao.
(7) Lien Wu, my grandmother's cooking, rose milk tea (hot or cold)
(8) team oyster egg omelette!! mmm my mom makes it but it's definitely not the same without that goopy red sauce.
(9) I've never had enchiladas in Taipei! In fact I didn't even know there was Mexican cuisine in Taipei except for Chevys (but that doesn't really count)
(10) If it's quality I love everything you post.

joanh said...

rose: there's good mexican food in HK?? where??? :)

ron wu: thanks for the recommendation.. i'll have to check out "sit fun"!

pat: i've heard good things about jolly thai and ruth chris! is there any good german food in taipei? :)

rachel: i love shih lin night market too!!! i wonder if costco sells cottage cheese

tiffany: I'll try and take a picture of lien wu for you! is there a Chevy's here?? i didn't know there was mexican food here either, until I tried to find it. it's not that good though. :(

Anonymous said...

1. I'm from NYC but live in Chicago
2. I got your link on some other foodie website
3. Because of your opinions, which are entertaining
4. I would eat at David Burke's in Chicago
5. Avoid Chi Tung on the Southside
6. Hard to say!
7. NA
8. Team oyster egg omelette!!!!
9. NA
10. Wait till you write everything up
Keep it up! I like your site a lot!

Anonymous said...

i am not really into the typical german food (like pig knuckles and whatever is regarded as traditional cooking).
even when i lived in germany i was mostly going out or cooking italian stuff. thai is a bit hard to cook urself in germany because most of the original ingredients (lemongrass can be hard to get sometimes).
there is some 'new german cuisine' which i like, much different from the traditional heavy stuff, but since all people here in taipei mostly talk about frankfurter and pig knuckles i didnt even bother to look for german food. when i saw some restaurant reviews it showed me i was right: mostly pork stuff and wiener schnitzel made with pork which is in my point of view disgusting ;-)
so either i go here for italian (some nice places here) or american when i want western food.

regarding ruth chris: was the first steak house i have been here in taipei, was a bit reluctant at first since i am not really a fan of chain restaurants. but it has a comfy and cozy atmosphere, but still formal enough for a good business dinner. prices are top class for taipei, but sort of normal to me from western point of view for teh quality they offer(dinner for 2 is like 5k NT$ with wine by glass). steaks are really excellent, very good meat, cooked to the point as you like (i have been there many times and i never got my steak wrong), service is very good, nice wine selection (mostly AUS and USA) and great cakes for dessert (love the moisty chocolate cake there). cesars salad there is a classic, there are some really nice new orleans shrimps in a garlic wine sauce as an appetizer available, the seared ai tuna is also nice. mashed potatos are made from the real thing and the baked potato is also good stuff.
just go there and try it out. for dinner i think its better to make a reservation, as this place can get crowdy.
lawry's is also OK, but the surrounding is very formal, the waitresses wearing these french maid outfits there looks a bit kinky to me, but teh meat is also nice there, but they only have roasted beef, Ruth's does pan fry.

Anonymous said...

My coworker Rachel (above) told me about your blog. I was born here but lived in the States for 12 years. One place in Taipei I'd never get tired of eating at is Zhuji Xian Bing Zhou on RenAi Rd (directly across from the Air Force headquarters). It's basically DingTaiFong without the hype and at much better prices. Definitely try their steamed vege dumplings.

joanh said...

anonymous: awesome- next time I'm in Chicago I will have to try it. I had really GOOD gyros and greek food the last time I was in Chicago.

pat: Cool deal. I will have to try Ruth Chris then! I've been craving steak lately... I went for the first time in the OC a few months ago. Funny thing- I totally thought pig knuckles when I thought about German food.

ken: hi! welcome to the blog. thanks for the suggestion! visit again soon

Anonymous said...

1. Colorado

2. Google (I think)

3. Pictures. I've been to enough small eateries in Taipei that I don't care what the restaurant looks like. What matters is the food and a good picture can tell a lot!

4. Buca di Beppo (Italian)

5. The Rio Grande (terrible Mexican food!)

6. - Fantastic shabu shabu!

7. Really good American-style pizza. Have not found an exceptionally good pizza out here. I would kill for a Papa John's right now!

8. Oyster omelet for the win!

9. If I find one I'll let you know. ;)

10. Upload sooner with more pictures! Honestly, if I see you say "highly recommended" and look at the pictures, more than likely I'm going there.

Unknown said...

1. irvine, ca
2. link off other food blog
3. pictures
4. eh..everything in OC is kinda blah compared to Taiwan
5. any American fast food
6. Must eat everytime i'm in town is Shilin Yesi
7. really dont miss anything while i'm in taiwan cuz it's always so good there but if i had to pick'd be mexican food from california
8. oh-a-jen
9. ??
10. i like pics with writeup

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for adding "kid friendliness"!

(3) Both. I enjoy reading your writing style. Your photos are not only great to look at, but helpful too.
(4) In Taipei, if you ask me today, Chili's. I guess I just miss tasty, reliable, American food.
(7) Good Mexican and Indian food.
(10) I prefer wait until you write everything up.

joanh said...

jeff: thanks for all the feedback! i am feeling the pressure. hahah

debbie: have you been to Nice Time cafe on Jeffrey when you are craving Taiwanese eats. There's also an Ah Chung noodle place next door.

mamamoon: i'm starting to think our tastebuds are very closely aligned! we'll have to try more indian places together..

Anonymous said...

Definitely! I would be oh so happy to find a place with good naan and samosas. The farmer's market back in SJ had a stand selling Indian food and their samosas were so delicious. I miss 'em!

Anonymous said...

1) I'm from LA too!
2) a friend
3) both I guess?
4) Garden Cafe in Alhambra, CA, a hong kong style place
5) mcdonalds
6) I'd say 人間 is unique for taipei, but I'd have to recommend 欣葉for the Taiwanese flavor
7) mexican food
8) oyster egg omelettle
9) tell me when you find out

joanh said...

mamamoon: i just passed by a little place near dun hua/zhong xiao called Taj that we can try soon.

anonymous: welcome! i know.. mexican food is an urban legend in taipei, isn't it?

Anonymous said... I'm a couple months late filling out your survey, but I recently rediscovered your site.

1) LA, Burbank to be exact.
2) Looking for good food in TPE.
3) Info, but photos are quite nice.
4) Taipei - Sababa (this week)
LA - Campanile or Zankou chicken
5) Whenever I go home these days, I'm pretty selective! However - Gyuyaku (yakiniku) in LA was very so-so
6) Recently I went to the "Tainan Stemed Shrimp..." place near Yongkang park (moved to the same alley as Ice Monster). Usually I don't like fried foods, but everything was really delicious and not greasy at all.
7) Trader Joe's (sniff..sniff..)
8) Oyster omelette all the way...
9) enchiladas??? Since you're from LA, I don't think that you'll find anything that will satisfy you!

Anonymous said...

I am from Atlanta, GA. I found you while googling 'afternoon tea taipei'. I am very happy with it- GREAT PIX and GREAT BLOG, keep it up and thanks for efforts^^

Anonymous said...

(1) Australia
(2) Linked from wikipedia
(3) Both :)
(4) Probably pizza. Mmmmm.
(5) Local food court Chinese places
(6) Never been (yet, going later in the year): the street vendors look awesome

Dan L said...

Thank you for your blog. Your blog and the were just about the only resources in English for dining in Taipei.

1) NYC, and the bay area of California before that

2) Google

3) restaurant info, both

4) There's an amazing Indian buffet in Manhattan called Chola.

5) Don't eat at any of the crappy chain restaurants in Times Square. Also, I believe that dim sum in Manhattan Chinatown is pretty weak.

6) I'm on my first (and probably last for a long time) trip to Taiwan, and I knew that I wanted to get some yan su ji, shaved ice, bubble tea, congee, and zha jiang mian, among other things.

I found amazing yan su ji right next to the Ximen MRT (NW corner of intersection), predictably great mango ice at Ice Monster, high quality bubble tea at both CoCo in Taipei 101 and 50 Lan (hat tip to joanh), and yummy congee at the Shangri-La breakfast buffet (which is wonderful in every way, by the way). My only "miss" was the zha jiang mian I ate. I think I'm just used to the version from ban mu yuan in Cupertino. And I didn't know that I liked "oyster vermicelli" soup so much until I went to Ay-Chung. I also hit up Din Tai Fung which was awesome as expected. Tonight we're going to Shin Yeh Table (hat tip to joanh again).

7) nothing, since I'm only here for a week

8) oyster egg omelet, but my wife is a stinky tofu addict

9) It sounds like you spend a lot of time in LA. Why on earth would you ever eat an enchilada in Taipei?

Thanks again for the blog. It's a godsend for us non-Chinese reading visitors to Taipei who do not have Chinese reading hosts to help us, all 26 of us!

P.S. You could use a little "about me" blurb on your blog, to help us readers understand where you're coming from.