Friday, June 15, 2007

my kitchen: goat cheese avocado sandwich

I love my sandwich maker. It sears and toasts the bread so it tastes like I had baked it in the oven for hours. Today I made a goat cheese (Costco), Haas avocado (Costco), tomato, ham (Costco) sandwich. It's like grilled cheese with a twist. And it's not easy to find good sandwiches in Taipei- it's usually easier to make your own.

Nothing beats comfort food on a rainy day.


Lisa Wang said...

i totally need to buy a sanwich maker, that looks yummy! now i want to try to make a goat cheese/honey/nut sandwich like that crepe.

joanh said...

hahah! that's why i bought the goat cheese in the first place.. but it goes bad quickly. my goat cheese honey nut sandwich was pretty good though! (but no pics)