Saturday, June 30, 2007

shabu shabu/japanese: SHABURI

as of October 2007: REMODELING/CLOSED!

at Dun Nan Sogo, B2
No. 246, Dun Hua South Road, Sec 1
(02) 8771-5548

website: Chinese only

hours: Sunday to Thursday 11 AM - 9:30 PM
Friday and Saturday 11 AM - 10 PM


Kid friendliness: high chairs available though, not many booths to accomodate and lackluster service. be careful of hot pot with antsy kids, but have wide menu besides hotpot and frozen yogurt at the end of the meal.

Visit reviewed: 6/12/2007

Shaburi is a nice corner for shabu shabu in the basement of Dun Hua Sogo with a huge menu of choices (in English and Chinese)- you can choose from moderately price set menus of NT$399 or splurge on options like lobster or kobe beef for a lot more. There are also non-hot pot Japanese menus such as sushi, sashimi and noodles, though when I asked about their eel avocado roll, they said they were out of avocado.

The service can be slow, though they have a lot of things to bring to you. First the dual sauces, then your set menu salad and your hotpot items, lastly your drink and dessert.

The set menu salad is a bit sad looking, but they do offer you a shrimp.

The cheapest beef on the menu is still pretty tender and comes with an array of veggies including your choice of noodle.

The thing I like about Shaburi's hotpots is that each one is divided into 2 sections, so you can dine with your friend yet have control of your own pot. In this case, I was eating with a vegetarian, so we could still sit at the same table (unlike many hot pot places that have communal hot pots) and eat from the same pot.

I like the sesame sauce better than the soy chili sauce, which can be quite spicy, but you can ask them to make it more or less spicy.

The vegetarian hotpot comes with cabbage, mushrooms, corn, tofu, vegetarian tempura, tomatoes, taro and noodles. You can also get an upgraded vegetarian Mushroom hotpot which I assume comes with even more mushrooms.

I was pretty hungry, so I ended up ordering an extra plate of sliced beef, which made my lunch more expensive than usual.

The black sesame vanilla frozen yogurt gives extra brownie points to this shabu shabu place over others. You can also choose from tea or coffee and we forgot to ask for it earlier, so got it at the end of dinner.

We walked into Shaburi for lunch without a reservation and it filled up fairly quickly throughout the lunch hour. I would recommend reservations for dinner or weekends especially if you have a large group. It's a bit nicer than the mom and pop hot pot places for business lunches or family dinners, though keep in mind you can have all you can eat for simliar prices at such places like Mo Mo Paradise. However, it seems that Shaburi have sprung up in NY where good shabu shabu is a bit harder to find and made a name for itself there.

also spotted at 101 Mall foodcourt, B2


Lisa Wang said...

I liked this place but didn't love it. I agree with you, the best part about this place is how the pots are divided into 2 and the seasame ice cream, that stuff was goood.

Chubbypanda said...

I'm torn on the question of whether it's better to have shabu shabu in or out. It's cheaper at home, but everything is so much more convenient when you eat out. I think I usually end up making it at home, though.

joanh said...

ffc: yup.. hahahha

chubbypanda: yeah. I guess it's nice to have the option of eating out when you don't want to clean up afterwards.